Tuesday 22nd October 2019
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  Level 1:The Elves and the Shoemaker
  "Who are these mysterious helpers that come during the night? Join the shoemaker as he finds..." - Read More
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Arabian Sinbad Arabic Learning Treasure Chest
سندباد العربي
Price: £89.00
Level: Beginner
Age Suitable:    3 - 8
Language:    Arabic - English
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A collection of 10 DVD each with several programmes teaching modern standard Arabic. This pack also includes a manual, sticker books, illustrated dictionary, flash cards and a stciker pack.
Innes Says: (Who is Innes?)
"I am impressed... I am not usually a big fan of this medium but it has made me think again. It has a good compliment of resources including flash cards , a dictionary and a workbook. I found it well structured and both my 6 year old and 2 year old got something out of it. It's quite catchy. There is a lot of repition of the words and sentences so you don't miss out but with so much variety you don't get bored either. Easily used by non Arabic speakers as well as Arab speakers. for some clips go to this link http://arabiansinbad.com/en/videos.php?PageName=Episodes"
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