Saturday 25th January 2020
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  Kalimat: Professions
  "This big book introduces different professions in a simple and fun style through colourful..." - Read More
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Muhammad The Last Messenger
Price: £19.95
Level: Beginner
Language:    Arabic - English
This is a feature length production about Islam's prophet. This ground breaking film is set some 1400 years ago. The film relates the events that unfold and lead to the rise of a renewed religion. It is a first class production that makes the story of Islam accessible to a younger audience.
Innes Says: (Who is Innes?)
"A top class prodcution which can be enjoyed in English or Arabic. A great addition to have in the home and a great resource in schools."
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The Life of Muhammad
Includes P & P This unique book is one of the few biographies of the prohet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, written especially for young readers. In 20 stories narrated by various plants, animals an even objects who were either part of or witness to the events, the well known Egyptian author, Abdultawwab Yusuf takes the reader on a journey to cast light upon many aspects of the Prophet\'s character, life and message.
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