Tuesday 21st January 2020
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  Umm Kulthum - Enta Omry
  "She was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in Tamay ez-Zahayra village that..." - Read More
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We are an independent library and shop supplying arabic books for children of all ages.

Based in the United Kingdom we specilise in providing quality teaching materials to help children quickly and easily aquire proficency in the arabic language from a young age.
Previous Events
3rd January 2008     Hillhead Library In Glasgow
10th January 2008     Islamic Shakhsiyya
11th January 2008     Islamic Shakhsiyyah Foundation
15th January 2008     Central Mosque London Eid Celebration
8th February 2008     Islamiya Primary School
14th April 2008     London Arabic Book Fair for Children
21th June 2008     Syrian Community School
14th July 2008     Islam Expo - 11th July 2008 - Olympia, London
11th October 2008     TES Education
29th October 2008     Islamic Shakhsiyah
20th November 2008     al-Noor Primary School
21th November 2008     Date Valley School London
3rd October 2009     Andalus Eid Party
8th May 2010     Glasgow Saudi School Book Fair
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