Saturday 17th August 2019
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  Seif bin Ziyazin
  "The legend of the Yemeni hero Seif bin Ziyazan is one of the masterpieces of Arab story-telling...." - Read More
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We are an independent library and shop supplying arabic books for children of all ages.

Based in the United Kingdom we specilise in providing quality teaching materials to help children quickly and easily aquire proficency in the arabic language from a young age.
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Islamic Shakhsiyah
Date: 29th October 2008
Time:       1.00AM
Location: London Branch

1st Floor, 277 St Annís Rd
N15 5RG
020 8802 8651
Description:    Come and attend our 2nd Book Fair at Islamic Shakhsiyah. Visit the schooland network with staff. See this great school in operation and share it\'s success
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