Monday 20th January 2020
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We are an independent library and shop supplying arabic books for children of all ages.

Based in the United Kingdom we specilise in providing quality teaching materials to help children quickly and easily aquire proficency in the arabic language from a young age.
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Kalimat: Mummy’s Big Round Belly
Mummy’s belly is getting bigger and rounder. My brother and I are very excited. We have so many questions...
Kalimat: The Eid Shoes
Dima badly wants a pair of blue shoes she saw, but has to wait until Eid for her mum to buy them for...
Kalimat: The Shortest Haircut
This is the fourth book in the “Yasmina” series. A long lock of hair bothers Yasmina, prompting her...
Kalimat: A Gift for Me
While driving his new car through a number of scenic places, Rani tells us in this wildly imaginative...
Kalimat: School Dictionary
This dictionary has been composed based on a selection of words taken from basic schools in a number...
Kalimat: My Own Special Way
Hamda has just become big enough to start wearing her veil like her older sisters. Each sister chips...
Kalimat:Ibn Battouta
This is the first book in a cultural series about personalities from our civilization. ‘Ibn Battouta’...
Kalimat:Princesses of the World
From the desert sands of Egypt to the sparkling snows of the Russian tundra, this book takes you on...
Kalimat:The Ballet Star
Raneen longs to learn ballet more than anything else. But on enrolling in ballet class she finds it...
Kalimat:Dad and I
When dad and I play together, we pretend to be animals; we dive like sharks, roar like lions, hunt like...
Kalimat: Mimi’s Hair
Mimi wanted, more than anything, to have straight hair instead of her stubborn curls. Her mum said it...
Kalimat:Qamar Lama
The moon and his star show up at Lama’s bedroom window. Every night, Mum tells Lama the names of the...
Kalimat: If I Were a Bird
A boy wishes he were a bird so he could fly back to his beautiful house, on the other side of the wall....
Kalimat: Buck Buck, the Chicken
Buck Buck is a chicken that lives in a pen on the rooftop of a building. She feels imprisoned there...
Kalimat: Professions
This big book introduces different professions in a simple and fun style through colourful illustrations....
Kalimat:Mom! How Much Do You Love Me?
A child wants to know just how much his mom loves him. The aim of this book is to reassure the young...
Kalimat:I Play with Dad

Kalimat:My Hands
This book describes the many things I can do with my hands like play ball, take an apple, draw, brush...
Kalimat:Me and My Left Hand
I feel very comfortable using my left hand. It makes me feel special, but it is not easy being left-handed...
Kalimat:I Have an Appointment
Rashid is troubled about his upcoming visit to the doctor. He wonders what the doctor will look like and...
Kalimat:I Miss Dad!
Zein misses his dad a lot. He waits for him to share his toys , stories, a nd f ood, but his dad is...
Kalimat: And Me?
Zein thinks everyone has forgotten about him because of the newborn twins. No longer the centre of their...
Kalimat: Halwa Halwa Halwa
Hala’s sweet tooth compels her to have sweets of all kinds and shapes. Her mum though fears that this...
Kalimat: English-Arabic Picture Dictionary
This richly illustrated children’s picture dictionary has a comprehensive topic-based layout to cover...
Kalimat: So Far So Good
Is the sultan, with his great wisdom, going to find out who is guilty of causing a big turmoil in the...
Kalimat: The Watermelon Route
Samssoum decides to take ten watermelons to the house of the girl he is infatuated with to express his...
Kalimat: Rihla Fee Minkad Kuku
Coocoo, the bird, is old and very hungry. He is too old to catch fish and comes up with a plan to get...
Kalimat: Saidni Ousaiduk
Roomy, the cat, is stuck in a hunter’s net, and Freydoon, the rat , is surrounded by enemies. If he...
Kalimat: The Hare and the King of Elephants
In this colourful book for older children, Fayruz , a charming little hare, uses her wits to scare away...
Kalimat: Story of a Fisherman
Raji is a strong fisherman who desperately wants to find a seashell with a pearl inside. Should he give...
Kalimat: The Jar of Honey and Butter
Salem, a poor man with no job, spends most of his time in bed, while his generous neighbour sends him...
Kalimat: Mum… Always by My Side!
Mum is always there for me. A simple book about a mother’s enduring bond with her child to boost positive...
Kalimat: I Wish I Were
I wish, I wish..... I were an animal so I could fly, dive, jump, or simply remain unnoticed.
Kalimat: Where Do I Sleep Now?

Kalimat: How Do I Feel?
This book helps young children verbally express their multifaceted feelings through simple text coupled...
Kalimat: Touch & Feel: The Tastiest Mouthfull

Kalimat: Touch& Feel : Swim like a Fish
A waterproof bathbook to enjoy at bath time. Written in rhyme with simple sentences.
Kalimat: Touch & Feel: Let\'s Sleep
Let's sleep is a rhyming story about sleep. Simple sentences for you to enjoy at the bedside. Made...
Kalimat: Morjaan
A rhyming counting book featuring Murjan the monkey. Counting has never been easier!
Kalimat: Touch & Feel: Tweet, Quack, Quack, Buck, Buck
This is an animals counting book. Numbers go up to ten.
Kalimat: Touch & Feel: Alphabet Animals
An Arabic alphabet book of Animals. Colourful illustrated board book that little ones will love. Ready...
Kalimat: Touch & Feel: The Colours in a Shop
This toddler-friendly boardbook showcases all the colours and fruits in Mr Masoud's fruit shop.

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