Wednesday 22nd January 2020
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  Kalimat: From Kalila and Dimna. Help me and I will Help You
  "This is a modern re-writing of Kalila and Dimna. The mouse's enemy has been caught up in the..." - Read More
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We are an independent library and shop supplying arabic books for children of all ages.

Based in the United Kingdom we specilise in providing quality teaching materials to help children quickly and easily aquire proficency in the arabic language from a young age.
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A Begining and an End

The Return of the Soul

The Khashkhash Flower

Two Rooms and a Hall


The Tricks of Cheeky Boy

The Road to Zamsh

The Stories of Katkoot\'s Coffee

A Traveller with no Bags.

A cloudy day on the Western Coast

Whatever happened to the Egyptians?



A Gentle Pain from Place to Place

Egypt\'s not my mother she\'s my step mother


Arabian Theology and the Origins of Religious Violance

The Snake\'s Shadow

Cairo Underworld

The Book with no Name

Britannica Encyclopedia

Nights of a Thousand and One Nights


The Granada Trilogy


Quarter Gram

I Want To Get Married

Perfect Handwriting (Nashkh 3)

Perfect Handwriting (Nashkh 2)

Perfect Handwriting (Nashkh 1)

Goodnight my Cairo

If you find tantrums difficult especially your children's tantrums, the this book is a great way to...
Interrupting Others
In a comic style this child friendly book conveys the idea of interruptions. Sameh a well behaved boy...
The Acrobat of Marrakesh
Without any rain for yet another year a Moroccan farmer faces hunger. So the whole family learns new...
Stories from Around the World
A collection of stories from around the world. This collection allows the reader to enjoy other cultures...
My First Words (Arabic - English)
Shorouk publishers first dictionary is one of thier best sellers. It's well structured for the young...
My Lovely Alphabet

My Lovely Alphabet Colouring Book

My Lovely Alphabet Cards

I Want a Lion
No more quarrels with friends, is one good reason to have a pet lion.
I Want a Kangroo

I Want a Dolphin
This short rhyming story tells of a child's desire to have a pet dolphin.
I Want an Elephant
I want an Elephant is one of a series of books telling the story of a girl who wants an elephant as a...
Welcome, Come Join Us.

Let\'s Go
Let's go is about the animals in the farm going to eat together in the field. Each animal and it's...
What Happened?
The animals in the farm go to meet the camel as he returns form his journey. One by one the animals answer...
Come , join me...
An introduction to carnivores and herbivores, as this young boys invites different animals to share his...
Is this a Chick ?
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