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  "A mother and her twins talk about the meaning of Zakat and Sadaqa. In a practical way she shows..." - Read More
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Kalimat: From Kalila and Dimna . A Trip in Kookoo's mouth
This is modern re-writing of Kalila and Dimna. In this tale the aged Pelican devises a plan to get his...
Kalimat: From Kalila and Dimna. Help me and I will Help You
This is a modern re-writing of Kalila and Dimna. The mouse's enemy has been caught up in the fisherman's...
Kalimat: Rihla Fee Minkad Kuku
Coocoo, the bird, is old and very hungry. He is too old to catch fish and comes up with a plan to get...
Kalimat: Saidni Ousaiduk
Roomy, the cat, is stuck in a hunterís net, and Freydoon, the rat , is surrounded by enemies. If he...
Kalimat: So Far So Good
Is the sultan, with his great wisdom, going to find out who is guilty of causing a big turmoil in the...
Kalimat: Story of a Fisherman
Raji is a strong fisherman who desperately wants to find a seashell with a pearl inside. Should he give...
Kalimat: The Hare and the King of Elephants
In this colourful book for older children, Fayruz , a charming little hare, uses her wits to scare away...
Kalimat: The Jar of Honey and Butter
Salem, a poor man with no job, spends most of his time in bed, while his generous neighbour sends him...
Kalimat: The Watermelon Route
Samssoum decides to take ten watermelons to the house of the girl he is infatuated with to express his...
Kalimat:From Kalila and Dimna. The Fool and his Partner
The fool and his partner are in business. Things are going great and the fool's partner get's gready...
Ladybird: The Crab & The Pelican
Ladybird: The Iron Eating Mice
Ladybird: The Lion & The Cave
Ladybird: The Monkey & The Crocodile

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