Sunday 19th January 2020
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  3 mm Arabic Calligraphy Pen Blue
  "3 mm Arabic Caligraphy pen with felt tip. Free P & P on this product." - Read More
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Ali Baba
Festivals of Egypt
Folk Tales of Egypt
Free as the Desert Wind
Omar's father leads the camel drive from Sudan to Egypt twice a year. It is young Omar's dream to go...
Fun with Numbers in Ancient Egypt
Goha Goha
Goodnight my Cairo
In Ancient Egypt: : The Pharaos
In Ancient Egypt: Egyptology
In Ancient Egypt: Gods and Temples
This books introduces the major gods, discussing what we know and what we can guess at. It describes...
In Ancient Egypt: Land and People
Using original texts and photographs, this book describes the lives of the pharaoh, the priests and the...
Mummies And Tombs
On a Desert Island
Hayy Ibn Yaqzan is an infant boy stranded on an uninhabited desert island. He was nursed and fed by a...
Pictures Of Egypt In The Country Side
Seif bin Ziyazin
The legend of the Yemeni hero Seif bin Ziyazan is one of the masterpieces of Arab story-telling. From...
Stories Of The Caliphs
Tales from Ancient Egypt
This Book retells seven tales from Ancient Egypt. In them there are heroes, strange creatures and great...
Tales from Arabia : All 4 Stories
All four stories in a collection box. The King and his Three daughters, The Woodcutter, The Great Warrior...
Tales from Arabia: Deenoh and Arbab
This is the story of two little goats and their encounter with a wicked witch. We follow their mother...
Tales from Arabia: The Woodcutter
Struggling to feed his family, the woodcutter discovers a genie in a tree in the forest. The genie takes...
Tales from Arabia:The Great Warrior Ali
Ali's father was a great warrior and ali wants to be just like him. He never had training as a warrior...
Tales from Arabia:The King and his Three Daughters
The king asks his daughters how much they love him and the answer of his third daughter greatly displeases...
Tales from Morocco
"You don't seem to know much about donkeys if you don't even know that every donkey has a name and...
Tales from Sudan
Combining Arab and African traditions with bedouin, Nile and tropical cultures, Sudan is a rich source...
The Acrobat of Marrakesh
Without any rain for yet another year a Moroccan farmer faces hunger. So the whole family learns new...
The Battles Of the Prophet Muhammed
The Legend of Lotfiya
One hot evening in the old city of Cairo, Lotfiya goes to the well to get some cool water. For the first...
What Happened To Zeeko

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