Tuesday 21st January 2020
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Tales from Arabia : All 4 Stories
Price: £24.99
Cover: Hardback
Level: Beginner
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All four stories in a collection box. The King and his Three daughters, The Woodcutter, The Great Warrior Ali and Deenoh and Rabab.
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Tales from Arabia: Deenoh and Arbab
This is the story of two little goats and their encounter with a wicked witch. We follow their mother as she challenges the witch.
Tales from Arabia: The Woodcutter
Struggling to feed his family, the woodcutter discovers a genie in a tree in the forest. The genie takes pity on the poor woodcutter, but his foolishness leads him int trouble over and over agan. Will he ever learn?
Tales from Arabia:The Great Warrior Ali
Ali\'s father was a great warrior and ali wants to be just like him. He never had training as a warrior but somehow manages to convince everyone he is a great swordsman. We follow his adventures in this wonderful story from Oman.
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