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Kalimat: From Kalila and Dimna. Help me and I will Help You
ساعدني أساعدك
Price: £12.50
Pages: 20
Cover: Hardback
Year: 2008
Level: Intermediate
Language:    Arabic
This is a modern re-writing of Kalila and Dimna. The mouse's enemy has been caught up in the fisherman's net. At first happy the mouse is jumping with pleasure till he realises that he has other enemies awaiting their dinner. He has to think quick and plan an escape.
Innes Says: (Who is Innes?)
"It has some resembleness to the story of the mouse and the lion in Aesop's fables. I like this because it recognises that adversity may make natural enemies friends, but you can't always rely on this friendship when things are at ease."
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