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  Seif bin Ziyazin
  "The legend of the Yemeni hero Seif bin Ziyazan is one of the masterpieces of Arab story-telling...." - Read More
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Kalimat: And Me?
Price: £7.50
Pages: 28
Cover: Softback
Year: 2008
Level: Beginner
Language:    Arabic
Zein thinks everyone has forgotten about him because of the newborn twins. No longer the centre of their attention, how can he get his family members to play with him again like they did in the past?
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Zein misses his dad a lot. He waits for him to share his toys , stories, a nd f ood, but his dad is always l ate returning home from work. Ze i n comes up with a plan to e nsur e dad stays home and never returns to work again. Does his plan work?
Kalimat: I Canít Sleep!
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