Saturday 25th January 2020
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  "If you find tantrums difficult especially your children's tantrums, the this book is a great..." - Read More
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Folk Tales of Egypt
In Ancient Egypt: Land and People
Using original texts and photographs, this book describes the lives of the pharaoh, the priests and the...
Pictures Of Egypt In The Country Side
Seif bin Ziyazin
The legend of the Yemeni hero Seif bin Ziyazan is one of the masterpieces of Arab story-telling. From...
Tales from Arabia:The King and his Three Daughters
The king asks his daughters how much they love him and the answer of his third daughter greatly displeases...
Tales from Morocco
"You don't seem to know much about donkeys if you don't even know that every donkey has a name and...
The Acrobat of Marrakesh
Without any rain for yet another year a Moroccan farmer faces hunger. So the whole family learns new...
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